Why Relocate?

Why Move Your Historical Structure?

With the continuing trend of urban sprawl, more historical structures are facing condemnation or the threat of being gobbled up in the landscape by dozens of urban high rises. Experts in the economics of preserving historical structures are working hard to help cities and towns understand the economical and environmental benefits of reusing historical structures.

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50,000 buildings are raised annually saving 5,000,000 cubic yards of landfill space and over 25 million trees!
Relocation of historic building.


Why Relocate Your Home?

By moving structures that would otherwise be demolished and hauled to our overcrowded landfills, Edwards not only helps you preserve a part of history, but you become involved in one of the largest and most unique forms of recycling. 

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Did you know that relocating one home saves approximately 45 tons of trash from being piled in a landfill? Multiply that by all the structures moved a year and you’re looking at tens of thousands of tons of debris saved and recycled each year.
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